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About Us

It is widely recognised that the staff at Fourways provide an exemplar of how youth work should be carried out and the Trustees believe the service is too good to lose.
Under extreme financial pressure, Cornwall Council made all their youth work posts within Cornwall redundant on 1st April 2015.  Kernow CIC took on the role of providing the youth workers and Fourways have paid the CIC to provide the service since that date.
The charity holds a “Tenancy at Will” on the Youth Centre building that Trustees have managed since its construction more than 20 years ago.

Fourways: About Us


To help young people especially but not exclusively through leisure activities to develop their physical, mental and spiritual capacities so that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society.

To establish (or secure the establishment of) a youth centre and to maintain or manage same (alone or in cooperation with any local authority or any other person or body) in furtherance of these objectives.

Fourways: What We Do
High Fives

Fourways Management Committee would like to thank the following for donations and funding towards the work the Management Committee commissions through Kernow Youth CIC received in the financial year ending March 31st 2023:
St Blaise Town Council

Parochial Church Council, Par

Cornwall Community Crisis Living Fund

Meteor Shares

St Lukes Parochial Church Council

Thank You

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